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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In pursuit of what?

This whole thing started several months, maybe even a year ago.  My friends were all done with college and graduate school, and with no young kids, found themselves with lots of time on their hands.  What to do?  Drinking seemed to be all anyone could come up with to do in their free time.  The main man in my life, we'll call him Mr. Hobby and his friend Mr. E., were determined to come up with a hobby.  They've been brainstorming.  One day they're going to brew their own beer, the next build a model train display.  But while they're busy brainstorming a hobby to "pick-up" all I can see around me is hobby.  
While my life has laundry, dishes, and other inconveniences, it also has everything else I do with my time.  Some days when I come home from work tired, I put on soup and that's dinner.  But other nights it is a long process with exciting recipes off a blog or ingredients from a farmer's market.  That's a hobby night.  I've put on hobby-tinted glasses, and I see everything I enjoy doing in my free time as hobby.  
So here's to the pursuit of hobby, everything it means to me, and everything Mr. H searches for in the "elusive" hobby.  Maybe a little of our family and friends too.

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