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Friday, June 3, 2011

FFwD Warm Weather Vegetable Pot Au Feu

My hubby, Mr. Hobby, and I decided to try out the slow carb diet for two weeks. We only made it four days, it was making us cranky because we were hungry all the time and we started snapping at each other. As Tim Ferris points out, you can eat a lot of spinach, and not come close to the calories in eating the same portion size of rice. I adjusted this week's FFwD recipe to be slow carb friendly by leaving out the potatoes (white foods are a no-no) and putting sugar snap peas in their place.

I don't own a wok, so I used my dutch oven. It seemed fitting, since that is what I make my winter soups in, and this was soup like.

I was about to poach my egg whites (the only white food allowed) and I realized I had no vinegar. I figured that since it was just the two of us, it wouldn't matter if my poached eggs weren't pretty. Not pretty is an understatement. They really didn't stay together well, as you can see from what stayed in my skillet when I pulled the poached egg whites out.

The finished product was yummy! I was able to use my homegrown cilantro for the first time, and that was exciting! Too see what everyone else did, be sure to check out FFwD!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe, it looks so inviting. Hubby and I
    thought it was quite good, and I did use a whole egg which I loved.
    Tricia's family enjoyed the dish, although she isn't too fond of those
    particular vegetables.

  2. This was definitely one of the healthier Dorie recipes so far! I did use her ruffly eggs technique from the book that doesn't require vinegar or poaching superpowers and it rocked.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed. This was truly a nice soup. I cheated and used the ruffly egg technique as well (dropping them into the water via little cling wrap packets) because I have never poached and it scared the living daylights out of me :-)
    It looks like you made a perfect recovery in the end.

  4. I also used sugar peas - didn't you think they added just the best fresh taste? I'm glad you enjoyed the soup. Good for you and your husband for trying a low-carb diet. I would have a hard time with that!

  5. Your dish looks great, and it sounds fantastic with your homegrown cilantro!