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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning...in October.

Today was the first cool fall Saturday.  It would've been a perfect day for baking some nice bread or pumpkin treats.  Unfortunately, on Friday night I became determined to do some serious re-organizing, and I knew a lot of my stuff would need to "hit the road" so to speak.  My clothes were the main area attacked.  I got rid of a lot of clothes that just looked too young for me to still be wearing as well as some of my work clothes that looked really worn.  Mr. Hobby helped me, as I tried on different pieces of clothes all day long.  We started with a thumbs up/ thumbs down rating system, but at his suggestion moved to a scale of 5 stars.  Clean-out results: 3 bags & 1 box of stuff for Goodwill, 2 bags for recycling, two bags of trash, 1 bag for the resale shop (or Goodwill if resale doesn't buy it).  The recycling was lots of old travel magazines and King Arthur Flour catalogs.  I cut the articles and recipes I was interested in out to be filed, and then recycled the rest.  This opened up a ton of space in the stand.  I'm not done yet, but after about 8 hours of working on it, it was time for a break.  I know Mr. Hobby and I are at a good point in our life to be letting go of things from our teens and early twenties, but sometimes it is hard to say good-bye to clothes that brought me so many good memories.  

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