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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back in the saddle

So, I'm back at it with the cream cheese. This time, I'm working on an appetizer, and it isn't due for awhile. I've tested the recipe twice. Both times we have not had leftovers. It has been a nice confidence booster, after the failure with the chicken. I know my goal was to become a better cook of entrees. But I really do like appetizers, sometimes I'll order one an my entree at a restaurant. So I think after some rotten luck in the entree department the last few weeks, I deserved some confidence boosters. I want to keep this recipe a secret until after I enter the philly contest, but then I'll post everything after that is done. I owe this blog some pictures, they're in my camera, just waiting to be blogged. The weekend is here though, so I'm sure I'll be busy pursuing some hobby...maybe baking, and definitely studying Spanish (I have an exam!).

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  1. Mr. Hobby asks that you make more of those appetizers. They really hit the spot last night.