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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 26 shopping recap

Dec. 26 is my favorite shopping day of the year. With so many things priced at 50% off or more, it is just so exciting. I think most people think day after Christmas shopping is about just getting Christmas stuff, but there is so much on sale really. When I was a teenager, my mom and I started going shopping on Dec 26, and since then we've started getting up earlier and earlier. This year, I had a bit of a cold, so we decided to meet at 7:30 am at Target. This was very late for us, but I wanted the extra sleep.

At Target we each picked up these silver tidbit trays, they'll be good year round. For baking I got some santa claus cupcake liners, some red cupcake liners (good for lots of holidays!) and some sparkling sugar. The real find was in the paper products though - we got aluminum foil and ziploc bags that have snowflakes on the box, making them 50% off. This wasn't my best Target year for two reasons 1) we were there late and 2) I think Target has stopped making as many "holiday" items. It used to be that they'd package everything in holiday boxes, and then sell it for 50% off. In the past I was able to purchase things they sell every day - like clear glass drinking glasses that we use year round - but packaged in a Christmas box. Last year I had a big score with Burt's Bees chapstick - I was able to buy a ton of it for 50% off, in fact, I'm still using those chapsticks.

After Target we went to Crate & Barrel, but they were opening later this year than in the past. We weren't going to join the crazies standing outside in the 24 degree weather - there is nothing we wanted bad enough. So we headed across the street to Hallmark. We had about 10 minutes until Hallmark opened. Despite being an avid bargain shopper, I've never been lined up at a door before a store opens before. It was a little nerve-wracking. Luckily, what my mom and I were there for, the recordable story books, weren't what everyone else was there for. While we were there, we were also able to pick up some wrapping paper and tissue paper. I also got an ornament for us. It is precious moments, and it says First Christmas Together, since this is our first married Christmas. Our biggest score happened while we were waiting in line to check out though. I looked up at the top of a display cabinet by the register, and found one of their LED angels. The Hallmark had forgot to bring it down for the clearance, and we were able to buy her for 50% off. It will be my Mom's Christmas gift from me next year (she'll forget about it between now and then) and she is so excited.

Next, we headed back to Crate & Barrel, where I was able to pick up several baking items at great discounts. For example, I got some oversized red and green sprinkles for $1.50 that had previously been marked for $5.95.

Then, we headed to Sur La Table (red dish cloths) Williams-Sonoma (pina colada mix) and a gift store called Meyers where I got my big score of the day, three canvas prints. We normally have bird canvas prints up, but now we can switch these in for the holidays.

Overall, an excellent shopping day. I have so many great things from after Christmas sales over the years. Some of them are Christmas things like our tree, and stocking holders. Others aren't, like some of our towels, and our barware. I love shopping on Dec. 26!

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