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Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Book Reviews of Christmas

My life has changed quite a bit since my last blog post in 2011.  I had to stop doing French Fridays with Dorie due to some changes in my personal life.  Maybe I'll be able to pick it up in the future.  In the last year or so, I've been reading a ton on my kindle.  To try to get me back into blogging, I decided to write about a hobby, reading!  So I'll be doing the 25 book reviews of Christmas, or trying to at least.    To ease into the first review, I'm using a review I wrote for Amazon a year ago that has a lot of helpful votes.  I hope to get my words flowing on this blog during this holiday season, and this is just a way to get me started.

This is a short holiday read, that the author uses to set up some characters for later books in her Raising Cain series. Upon finishing this book, I didn't feel the need to read the other books in the serious, there aren't really loose ends left after this book ends, so that is nice if you're just looking for a holiday read, and not a new series.
The premise of the book is that Noelle moves back to her hometown, and tries to get a job at the local bar, Raising Cain. The bar is owned by the Cain family and her best friend is Casey Cain, but Casey's older brother Cash makes all the decisions. He says jobless Noelle can't work at the bar, so Noelle takes a job as a bell ringer - right outside the bar. Sparks fly back and forth between Noelle and Cash, and a battle of wills takes place before we get to the HEA.
Comparing this book to the descriptions of the other books in the Raising Cain series, I think this book must be tamer. There is some dominant male action by Cash, but nothing that gets into the BDSM scene or multiple partners, like the descriptions of some of the later books in the series. Overall, I thought this was a cute, quick, holiday story and I treated it as a stand-alone.

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