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Monday, December 3, 2012

Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas by Kate Davies is a wonderful holiday read.  One of the things that makes this story unique is that it is about a widow, Sophia, with an adult daughter.  Sophia's husband died almost two years ago.  Her daughter is going to spend Christmas with her almost fiance, so Sophia decided to book herself on a cruise.  There is just one problem, Ethan, the man who has been Sophia's rock since her husband's death, doesn't want her going on a cruise without him.

While this is a short read, I think it is really heartwarming to see someone find real love twice in their life.  Bad things happen, but life can go on and happiness can still exist.  I really like that message, and I really like this quick read.  I also managed to score it as a free read in November 2011, so that added to my enjoyment.

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